Dear Neighbors,

The North Hills Food Bank wishes you a very Happy New Year.  Although 2021 ended in a downward trend, we are all hoping that 2022 will slowly diminish the power of the COVID viruses – all strains and thus will become a healthier and more peaceful year.  Once again, our volunteers and clients were given many opportunities to experience actions of love, generosity, kindness, and many hugs.  As always you special neighbors responded financially, with food and time.  We are in awe of the many people who continue to support our program.

We experienced so many events that touched our hearts.  Several individuals and churches shared their fresh produce with our clients, who were delighted. Preschool children brought food and each child carried, with pride, one food item to the counter, one organization made Easter Baskets in the Spring, while another provided gifts to the client’s children ten years or under. School districts and businesses held fund raisers that collected very large donations which in several cases resulted in full trucks bringing food.  There were various Homeowners Associations and other groups who found creative ways to collect food to donate, on a regular basis many religious institutions gave money and food regularly and gift cards for the clients to enjoy.

Our mission would not be possible without you and your willingness to give.  You are truly giving and caring people. Thank you and God bless you.


Bobbe Grandey